It may be Valentine’s Day, but is he or she worth it? (Infographic)

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It’s Valentines day and Goldman Sachs is talking about bringing back the love into banking.

Lloyd Blankfein, the notorious CEO who talks about banks doing God’s Work whilst his staff call customers muppets and the media call them the Vampire Squid, is quoted in an interview with Japan’s Nikkei newspaper as saying:

It's going to be a long time before most people in the world are in love with bankers, but that is not going to stop us from working hard to be a better institution.

Yep, it’s going to be a long, long, very long time.  Maybe a generation.  Maybe more.

But nevertheless, you may not love your bank but you should beware who you love.

Love is full of danger, the biggest challenge of which is the financial stability of your partner.

Strangely enough, when you clock the one, you probably purely think yeah, yeah, yeah rather than I wonder how much they’re worth? although I’m told some people do think the latter.

Nevertheless, maybe you should think the latter.

According to Luma, a provider of credit cards who sent me this infographic, your choice of partner can determine your long-term financial future.  You might not be able to get a mortgage or loan if your partner is dodgy and, from the divorce perspective, you need to be aware that they might take half or more of your wealth.

Now of course, we don’t think of those things on this day of love, but just to provide a word of small caution, take a look at this (doubleclick to enlarge):

  Valentines Day