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Halifax – Canterbury

Bank branches locations near you:

Unit 6, The Clocktower Bldg, Canterbury CT1 2LE, United Kingdom

+44 345 720 3040

Opening hours:
Monday: 9AM to 3PM
Tuesday: 9AM to 3PM
Wednesday: 9AM to 3PM
Thursday: 9AM to 1PM
Friday: Closed
Saturday: 9AM to 3PM
Sunday: 9AM to 3PM

Additional informations:

Bank , ATM , Whitefriars Canterbury

Review from Google

Halifax is one of the biggest banks in the UK, with many branches and locations throughout the country. Canterbury is a great area to find a Halifax branch near you. Using our bank locator, you can easily find all of the nearby locations. There are multiple bank branches and lots of ATMs in Canterbury that can provide you with convenient access to your banking services. You can also use our online locator tool to quickly locate an ATM or bank branch near you. We make it easy for customers in Canterbury to access their finances no matter where they are located.

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